The blood center is the location for the collection, receipt, processing, testing, storing
and distribution of blood. The blood center may accommodate a static blood collection
facility while also coordinating mobile and demount able collection facilities.
Blood banking takes place in the lab.

This is to make sure the donated blood and blood products
are safe before they are used. Blood banking also determines the blood type. The blood is also tested for infectious diseases.
Additional national or regional specialist laboratory services and research activities may also be provided from the facility.

  1. Provide consultancy on turnkey basis to establish new blood banks
  2. Upgrading existing blood banks
  3. Conceptualization and designing stage
  4. License Requirements Fulfillment and approvals
  5. Procurement and Installation of Standard Equipments for collection, processing, testing, storage
  6. Storage and Transportation Disposal,
  7. Documentation, Training
  8. SOP’s , Rules and Procedures , Record keeping
  9. Installation and Commissioning of Blood Bank Management Software