Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

Microtek Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is advanced technology product that is used to measure the temperature of Body, Object or Room based on the relationship between temperature and measurable infrared radiation. Simply aim the probe toward the surface to be measured to obtain a quick and accurate temperature reading.

DisInfection/Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a touch-free dispenser that operates through Advanced Infrared Sensors, eliminating the need to touch, ensuring the highest level of hygiene, and preventing the spread of germs.
Simply place your hand under the dispenser and a measured dose will automatically be dispensed.


A surgical mask is a loose-fitting, disposable device that creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment. These are often referred to as face masks, although not all face masks are regulated as surgical masks. Note that the edges of the mask are not designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth.

Mini Fogging Machine

PORTABLE SANITIZING MACHINE Portable Sanitizing Fogging Machine breaks down disinfectant liquid into very fine particles which remain suspended in the air for long time to increase in contact time of disinfectant. Ideal for removing

Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Oxy 5 Neo Dual has double outlet with oxygen purity of 93%. Has safety features like High-pressure safety valve, Power failure alarm function & Fault self-detection system. Flame retardant thermoplastic molded cabinet for strength and durability.

Personal Protective Equipment Kit

Designed to protect you against harmful viruses, bacteria, infections and to prevent contact with infectious agent or body fluid, the PPE or the Personal Protective Equipment kit contains all essentials to avoid any bodily exposure to such infectious material.