32 channel Digital Video

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1. 32 channel digital video EEG systems
2. 32 EEG channels and 8 configurable as bipolar.
3. supplied with LED photic stimulator
4. sampling rate of 2 KHz or above
5. High frequency filter up to 500 Hz
6. 16 bit Analog to digital convertor
7. Noise  less than 1.5 micro volt
8. Input impedance  greater than 100 Mohm
9. CMRR greater than 115db.
10. Amplifier  inbuilt electrode connections
11. Each amplifier  supplied with standard Ten-20 electrode junction box
12. Digital video EEG hardware with high quality, high definition video camera & PTZ controls with remote
13. The camera with remote control for PAN, Tilt & Zoom facilities


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