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PRODUCT DETAILS Of Contec TLC 9803 Holter ECG System

  • Digital Display: Yes
  • Brand : Contec (Niscomed)
  • Model: TLC 9803
  • Machine Type: Portable
  • Operating Mode : Automatic

FEATURES OF Contec TLC 9803 Holter ECG System

  • With Advance Design And Technology. The Recorder Can Work Stably, Dependable And Durably.
  • Be Provided With The Capability Of Anti-jamming And Aseismatic.
  • Small Volume With Oled Screen. The Resolution Is 160#128.
  • Be provided with functions of waveform preview, record review and event marketing.
  • Accurate record of the start time of the data sampled owing to the real time clock of itself.
  • Avoid damage owing to the repeating inserting and pulling out by using the inbuilt TFcard to storage the data.
  • The maximum capability can be 2gb , so the original data can be saved perfectly by no compression.
  • the average review time of single case can be less than 40 seconds by using interface of USB 2.0.
  • Record waveform details inextenso by the design of high precision sampling frequency.
  • Record the state of pacemaker exactly by higher sampling frequency.
  • International standard of 12 leads , record 24-hour Drcg with the same standard of the ECG.


  • Number of channel : 3 channel
  • Record Time : 24h
  • Interface : Usb 2.0
  • Standard Sensitivity : 10mm\mv+5%
  • Cmrr : >60db
  • Low frequency characteristics Time constans t >3.2s:
  • Scan speed : 25mm\s+5%
  • Enduring polarization voltage : +300mv Dc polarization sensitivity shift < + 10%
  • Least measuring signal : 50 u V p-p
  • Product safety type : Type B (internally powered)
  • Sampling accuracy  : 12Bit
  • Power                    :  2AA size Batteries
  • Scale voltage          :  1m V+5%
  • Noise Level             :  < 30uV

Warranty -1 Year


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